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Digital Guitar Tuner 2.30

Tune your guitar quickly and easily with this useful program
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Peter Bezemek

Having a well-tuned guitar is central to a good performance or rehearsal, be it solo or with a band or ensemble. This little and free program is a digital tuner for your guitar. It has several interesting characteristics. One of them is the possibility of changing the root frequency, which is the frequency, in kHz, used by the program to tune your guitar. You can increase or decrease that frequency as you wish. Also, the program includes 26 different tunings, besides the standard one (E, A, D, G, B, E). Thus, you can tune your guitar for example in open D, which is a tuning that is widely used by blues -men and some rockers, such as Rolling Stones' Keith Richards. Other tunings you can find are open G, open C, open a A and Fourths. All these tunings let you add interesting variations to your music or allow you to play accurately some exotic music pieces.
You can use the program with your acoustic and/or electric guitar, even when it is not connected to an amplifier. You only need to place your computer's microphone near the strings, choose the string you want to tune, hit your instrument's string, and the program will tell you if it's well tuned or not. The program also includes a series of reference sounds with which you can compare your tunings. A very complete free program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Useful
  • Many different tunings


  • The user interface is kind of unattractive
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